Intro to Data Visualization


Helen Sanders - Temple University


Time: Tuesday 26th, 11:00-11:50am Time subject to change

Location: Capital East

Primary Track: Analytics and Reporting

Crosslisted Track(s):

Audience Level: All Attendees


Bad graphs are everywhere no matter what tool you are using, there are some basic data visualization rules that should be followed to make your data pop and your story clear and concise. Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic's "Storytelling with Data" is THE go-to book when learning data viz basics. This presentation will cover some beginner-level but critical concepts that a "Data Visualization 101" course would explore. These concepts can be applied to all types of visualizations—no matter what tool you are using—to produce outstanding and attention-grabbing charts, graphs, and dashboards. For example, do you know about "pre-attentive attributes" like color, size, and position on the page, as well as how they can be used strategically? Do you know how to identify and eliminate clutter? These and other key concepts will be covered, with lots of data viz makeover examples from Knaflic and others.

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