From Curriculum Approval to Audit: Scribing Tips, Solutions and Suggestions


Megan Jones - Millersville University


Time: Monday 25th, 1:00-1:50pm Time subject to change

Location: West Derry

Primary Track: Student - Registrar

Crosslisted Track(s):

Audience Level: Technical


Millersville University has one scribe & a lot of curriculum. Using a homegrown electronic curriculum approval system, we have streamlined our scribe process to keep degree audits updated. Discovering scribe that works well (and not), through upgrades of Degree Works, we have continually updated our scribe to be effective with less exceptions. We will share briefly our curriculum process, then focus on examples of scribe that have benefited us, including use of if/then statements vs. non-course, decide=order, pre-req, & degree checking.

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