PCI-EZ: Better Security and Less PCI Paperwork


Maura Milner - TouchNet maura.milner@touchnet.com


Time: Tuesday 26th, 1:00-1:50pm Time subject to change

Location: Keystone Suite

Primary Track: Vendor

Crosslisted Track(s): Technical - Everything Else!

Audience Level: Technical


Data breaches aren’t going away. In fact, they are increasing, and higher education is becoming an increasingly attractive target. The mandatory processes and procedures designed to protect your institution and students can be costly and labor intensive. PCI compliance is one of them. Join TouchNet to learn how schools took a PCI-EZ approach to compliance and were able to cut the time spent on PCI paperwork; reduce their PCI footprint and deliver a better, more secure experience to their students and staff. By implementing easy to follow strategies built on certified technologies, transparent processing and a condensed merchant structure, universities were able to reduce risk, boost operational efficiency, and prepare for emerging trends as the payment ecosystem continues to evolve.

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