Revitalizing Degree Works: The NJIT Success Story


Roweena Carlos - NJIT

Mesfin Ayne - NJIT

Byron Ordonez - New Jersey Institute of Technology

Hina Shamim - New Jersey Institute of Technology

Jaime Corea - New Jersey Institute of Technology


Time: Monday 25th, 11:00-11:50am Time subject to change

Location: Lancaster

Primary Track: Student - Registrar

Crosslisted Track(s):

Audience Level: All Attendees


Recently NJIT revamped the use of degree works across campus mobilizing all advisors and departments. A preliminary procedure was carried out by gathering information and producing a project plan that included the requirements study and resource allocation to execute the project. This involved new source documents, tracking sheets, redesigned block, analyzing the catalog and scribe code. Several meetings and discussions with departments and advisors during the process were held to ensure that the scribed blocks produce the required audit results. The entire project was a success and DW is now widely used across campus.

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